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Did Stylish Star Allu Arjun insult overseas fans

Allu ArjunElegant star Allu Arjun is known for its jovial nature and friendly attitude. Allu Arjun created a sensation with Julayi, Race Gurram, S / O Satyamurthy, Sarrainodu and recently entertained with DJ (Duvvada Jagannatham).

The film received negative reviews and the filmmakers even faced the accusation of swelling the collections that attracted the wrath of well-meaning people. Now DJ team faces accusation that they insulted fans abroad during DJ promotions in the USA.

It turned out that Allu Arjun left the fans disappointed when their Chicago fans gave a special invitation to Allu Arjun and the team. A source shares “A special flight was hired for him from New Jersey to Chicago and went to land in the city, exclusively for the event organized by the local body Telugu.However, all present guests, most of whom had paid At 60 dollars to catch glimpse of the actor, they were totally disappointed,
Sources say Allu Arjun refused to come from the Lake Room and demanded to be in a star hotel, although organizers knocked on the door for a long time. Shared Source “It was only after 10 pm that I came out of his door to be a part of the event. Even so, he spoke only about 20 minutes about his film, how people should not believe in criticism or encourage piracy, before To walk away People were obviously disappointed, ”

The source revealed that “Ram Charan and even a great star like Pawan Kalyan were really friendly when they were here.” In fact, Pawan actually met some fans personally when he came to know that they had come to know him all the way from Canada. Allu Arjun did not even greet people properly. ”

However Allu Arjun and DJ team denied all reports. The DJ team says, “The only reason I showed up late was because the organizers had asked me to wait until they put the sound system on, it was ready at 8 pm However, the organizations said that there was a technical failure , “. They also refused to insult fans by saying, “There were about 4,000 people, it’s unrealistic to expect him to pose for photos and interact with everyone, and finally took pictures to almost 200 members the next day.”

But what has raised the speculation is the team? The DJ team revealed, “If there is a problem, they can deny it outdoors, post a public note, if necessary.” To be fair, there is not much promotional activity that can happen for a movie in the second week of launch. And say hello to the fans. Why would I deny them that opportunity? “

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