Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi Is Targeted By TRS MP K Kavitha

Narendra ModiApparently angry about not getting a cabinet post in the government of BJP led NDA, TRS MP K Kavitha seems to have led the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in all issues.

Kavitha has been trying to join the Union Cabinet, but the political equations in Telangana not allowed to raise the height of his political career.

Kavitha KCR’s father chose to stay away from joining as a partner in the NDA government for fear of almost 12 percent of the Muslim population renounce its support for the government of KCR.

In another incident, TRS MP K Kavitha cornered the BJP led NDA in Lok Sabha during debate on a bill of child labor abolition. She said it was regrettable that successive governments failed to curb social threat even when many acts were in the forces.

child labor and child trafficking girl has been a major issue in india. she also said that the bill introduced by the government to eradicate child labor has many gaps. Kavitha found flaws in the government for introducing the bill without addressing the critical issues.

The TRS leader demanded that the prime minister sent the project to the Selection Committee for detailed study and only introduced in the house for final approval.

It was not new that Kavitha reated in the BJP government on various issues. In the past, the safety of Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir was raised and demanded the protection of their constitutional rights. He also spoke about Dalit rights in the Lok Sabha.

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