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Pawan Kalyan Announced Jana Sena Website Launch Date

Pawan Kalyan announced today that the party website of Jana Sena will be released on March 14, 2017. He sought suggestions from the people in the newly floated Party Manifesto for the 2019 elections.

The president of Jana Sena made it clear that he is not against the policy of the dynasty. He, however, maintained that he will not tolerate if the incapable or unworthy people use the legacy to plunder the people.

Pawan Kalyan asked the politicians of the ruling party to explain why they were not able to keep the promises given to the people. It required the Center to disclose reasons behind not granting special category status to AP.

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An interesting development took place Today at the meeting attended by Jana Sena Chief. Pawan Kalyan laughed uncontrollably at the adjectives used by a person in the state while welcoming him on the stage of Chenetha Aikya Garjana.

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